Saturday, August 16, 2008


Football season has started. Brian is on the 9th grade team, primarily as a running back. Sometimes he's put in on defense or even special teams.
The first scrimmage was a week ago against Glen Este. Steve went to that one and watched as Brian apparently had butterfingers.
Yesterday Kings traveled to Withrow HS. Interesting ride down into Cinci. We picked up Brian's brother along the way so he could watch, too. Withrow is apparently an old school but it has the coolest stadium I think I've ever been in!
Kings won 14-12. And Brian actually scored both TD's for Kings!
Should be a fun season...

Internet yuck!

Well, we're back.
We think.
We've been through umpteen phone calls and 3 service calls but it looks like it's finally working.
A laundry list of excuses:
*bad modem
*wrong power cord for new modem
*service 'off'
*forgot to reprogram service for the new modem
*splitter on line for cable was interfering (been there for 2+ years since we switched to satellite)
*bad wiring before the modem
and my favorite:
'We don't know what's going on.'

We even replaced our wireless router somewhere along the way. Is there anything else left to replace?!?!?