Thursday, December 27, 2007

Trying to catch my breath

I've been a baaaaaaaddddd blogger! It's been weeks!
Regular life and trying to get ready for all our Christmases and time has flown by.

Dad and Susan and her grand-daughter came down from MI a couple of weeks ago. I moved down here seven and a half years ago and this was his first time seeing our place. Had to get it cleaned up and semi-presentable. Turns out the basement hadn't been really cleaned up since the dishwasher fiasco 3+ years ago.

(I was too cheap to pay Sears to install a dishwasher. We were scheduled to be the first delivery of the morning so I pulled the old one out the night before. Disconnected the lines and all. Just needed a new dishwasher to put in it's place and they could haul the old away. We originally had the water turned off but then decided to try plugging the line so we didn't have to head up/down 2 flights of stairs to turn the water on for showers or flushing during the night. I used a tapered, rubber point protector out of my knitting stash and shoved it in the end of the line. I then duct-taped the daylights out of it so it wouldn't blow out. We turned the water on and watched. All was good so we went to bed.

Then it blew.

And ran all night long.

Luckily there is a drain the floor downstairs. We shut the water off and mopped up. Fans helped dry the drywall in the ceiling. We had a mess! But I didn't have to pay Sears the $50 or $60 for a simple dishwasher installation.... Aren't I a smart one?!?!?
Steve's family came up from SC over Thanksgiving 04 and, among other projects, screwed the drywall back up, scraped the old texture off, retaped, and retexturized the whole thing. They also installed some recessed lights and used a bit more of the never-ending 5 gallon pail of yellow paint on the old, ugly paneling. Major improvement!! We just never finished cleaning up. Till this month.)

We even managed to find a bound 9x12 broadloom rug for $119 (Harry's Corner) since it's only painted concrete at this point and then get the Christmas tree put up before they arrived. It was good to see them and spend some time together. One of these years we're going to have to head up their way...

Last weekend we headed to Steve's family in SC. We hit the road after I got off work Friday, got in about 2:30 am Saturday, and returned Sunday. The boys had gone down over the summer but I hadn't been since... I'm not even sure when. Lots of family, close and distant, and some I'm not sure are even technically family. Always more kids around than I can keep track of. Couldn't get everyone together in the living room for the assorted family pictures so we headed out to the front yard. Need to do more visiting there, too. Christmas #2 done.

Monday was a shopping day for me. I don't do malls or crowds well. I also don't appreciate folks who ding my car up in the parking lot! Red spots/gouges on my 07 navy blue Ian the Ion. Argh and a Merry Christmas to you, too!

Tuesday = Christmas #3.

Wednesday I was back at work (Steve's off all week)and made some more attempts at shopping in preparation for this weekend. And knitting group was rescheduled from our usual Tuesday to Wednesday. I needed my fix big time and we had a few people make it that had been missing for a while. A good night with good friends.
Brian headed off to his brother's/sisters'/foster mom's for a couple of days. Guess he won't be making it to wrestling practice!
Zack has already 'beaten' both Halo 2 and 3 on the new Xbox 360 they got. Don't his thumbs ever get tired?!?!?

(Today I found another couple of gifts for this weekend and I picked up my order from My GirlFriend's Kitchen - my kind of cooking!! Also made it to the chiropractor in preparation for the hours in the car. Now I am parked in front of the tube and 'puter. Updated my blog list and added logos for a couple of swaps I'm Taking part in. I missed posting about a couple of projects I completed - gotta find the camera and the pics to post. The 'list' for that has been updated also.

Christmas #4: It was looking like we were leaving for IL and my Mom's and sister's after I got off work tomorrow but we're gonna sleep here and then leave early Saturday morning. With another Sunday return.
And I get to work again on Monday, off Tuesday.

I think I've used up my Christmas allotment for a while. I may have to take any future ones off the 'to do' list. What do you think?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Harry Potter Nicknames

just in case we haven't had enough in the quiz department...

Harry Potter MSN Names
Who are you?!?!?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Snow Days

Wednesday brought 1" of snow and the boys got the day off. Steve and I went to work as normal.
Friday was our next 'winter storm.' 2 hour delay was announced at 5:12 a.m. Steve left for work at 6:40(when the boys would have normally left for the bus) and the roads were only wet.
Ugh! I want real winter and people who can deal!!


He's my hero!! I'm almost to the point of putting the show on the calendar and scheduling around it.
Friday was his Christmas show (he shot 'Santa') and January brings new episodes. Can't wait.
In the meantime, I have finished reading Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants.
Sharona came back so he had her and Natalie battling for the job while solving several seemingly unrelated cases.
Next up is Mr. Monk in Outer Space. He wears a space suit in LA, what does he need to go to outer space for?!?!? Guess I'll have to read and find out.
They aren't literary masterpieces but they are good, clean, fun reading.

Quick Knits

Friday night's knitting from stash. Tudora from Knitty out of Cascade 220 color 5016 (a pretty pink with a hint of blue). A collar to keep my neck warm (ever since the accident in 4/2004, cold causes sharp pain and spasms so scarves, turtlenecks, etc are required) that won't get tangled in stuff at work!
Yesterday's take-along knitting (to the ferguson Christmas party!?!?). The color in the pic is way off - they are really a soft range of pastel pinks, peach, purples. 1 ball of Teseo, 98 yards, 55% wool/45% microfiber makes 2!! A pattern from a ballband of something I bought several years ago and have since made significant adaptations to. Will probably be given away...
A pound of World's Finest chocolate from the P&G Christmas box - all gone now.
Finally done!! Another significantly reworked pattern and lousy picture...
And the first of how many pairs??? 64 sts, , US1, 3x1 rib, garter stitch short row heel

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Brian has brought home the Citizenship Award for the 8th grade, 1st quarter!
During his study hall, he heads to the Special Needs classroom and helps out. From the group involved, they have also created 'Partners Club,' of which Brian is President. Partners Club is planning a party/fundraiser the Thursday before Christmas. They are seeing if they can get a local celebrity or two (also pronounced 'Bengal') to come. Apparently, a couple of the other partners' parents know or work with Bengals.
Bri's teachers all comment on how well he is doing and what a knack he has for it. He even is thinking of becoming a Special Ed teacher.
Way to go Bri!!!

Football updates

Steve is now happy. Nebraska has been floundering and backsliding for several years, with this one being the worst in decades. They fired their athletic director and hired their beloved old/winning coach, Tom Osborne. After their last game (a blown lead for another loss), he then finally fired Bill Callahan. Rumors have been flying.
They are currently having a press conference announcing their new head coach, Bo Pelini. He used to be defensive coach at Nebraska in 2003. Steve thought he should have been head coach instead of hiring Callahan after the '03 season. Now he gets what he's wanted for the past 4 years. And there's only one way to head for the Huskers - UP!

There were also rumors that Randy Edsall was leaving UConn to head to Georgia but...
He told his team at this morning's team banquet that he's staying at UConn!
I recently read about how he landed at UConn. He accepted the job before he even saw campus and it's lack of facilities. He says that had he seen it, he would not have come. Can't say I blame him! But he has gotten a new field and world-class facilities and has developed the program into a competitor. With WV's loss yesterday, we managed to tie them for Big East Champs!! And we are headed to the Meineke Car Care Bowl December 29th. If I hadn't already commited to family in IL, I'd probably be planning a trip in the other direction to see my Huskies!

(Now, what's up with Calhoun's basketball team?? Not even ranked?!?!?)

rainy days

equals warm fuzzy days...
(but not good picture days - sorry!)

finished knitting my Shimmer socks last week, didn't work in the ends till yesterday (Great Feats by

450m of Fleece Artist Hand Dyed Blue Face Leicester, from Steve/Romni Wools in Toronto for my birthday last week

Kid Aran and Roving for Thrumming with pattern on the band, also from Steve/Romni for my birthday

8 balls of Regia Galaxy yarn, from Steve/Romni this week.
Steve said he spoke with 3 different women while in the store. They all said the same thing: It was their 1st time there, it's the largest yarn store they'd ever seen, they all thought they'd died and gone to heaven...
Road trip anyone?!?!?!?